norway weather in winter

Kids play outside at school, wearing light-reflecting vests, even when it’s dark in the daytime and snowing. I don't recommend the driving unless you're in good physical shape and are ready for a workout! Yay! And, importantly, bring hot coffee in your thermos.”. Catch the train from Oslo's Gardermoen airport (it will be listed as “Oslo Lufthavn” when you're buying your ticket) to the central train station downtown (Oslo sentralstasjon, or Oslo S). Weather in Norway in july 2021. I'd also recommend popping into City Hall to see its striking floor and murals. One of these is intentionally using light to celebrate the darkness of winter. Experience the northern lights. These forecasts are statistics for january from weather reports for many years. I love the look of those small towns in the mountains. I had 2 questions, if you would be kind enough to answer If we do it in the morning we could stay the night either in gudvangen or Voss, otherwise we would stay the night in Flam and take the cruise in the morning, but would have to find an activity in Flam the afternoon we arrive. If you want to try the sport out, I can recommend the Tromsø Villmarkssenter for dogsledding tours. I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I’m just a small-town Ohio girl trying to balance a “normal” life with a desire to discover the world beyond my Midwest bubble. Some things I recommend doing/seeing today include: It's fairly easy to get around Oslo using public transport (there are trams, buses, subways, and ferries, all run by Ruters). Once you arrive in Myrdal, you'll switch trains and get on the Flåm Railway, a 20.2-kilometer-long branch of the Bergen Line. Winter is definitely do-able! (Weather station: Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Norway). Changing your mind-set can start with, well, changing your mind. Awesome post! However, the weather in Norway as a whole is still colder than most other European countries. It's organized, it's safe, it's clean, and it's jaw-droppingly beautiful no matter which way you look. 1) Do I need 3 nights in Tromso to see the northern lights? And yes, you take your luggage with you on this trip! my research found that this positive wintertime mind-set was associated with well-being. This is such an awesome itinerary. For inspiration, we can look to Scandinavia, where people live with some of the darkest, longest winters and yet are consistently ranked as the happiest people in the world. Based on this categorization, the most common form of precipitation in Narvik changes throughout the year. If the idea of spending time outdoors even when the temperatures are below freezing sounds miserable to you, Ida Solhaug, a psychology researcher at the University of Tromso, says that even Norwegians feel this way sometimes. And yes, it is most definitely a sport. Yes, Norway in winter can be really lovely (and it doesn’t get as cold in the south! Most people choose to overnight in Flam, as there’s more to do there than some of the other stops. In Norway, it might be snowing in early December. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hi, Thanks fro the Post, February is also a great time for catching the Northern Lights before they disappear in the spring. 2) Can I add Lofoten island in this itinerary, and if yes, then how? For this trip, you can use the Norway in a Nutshell tour as a very scenic way to travel from Oslo to Bergen. I am visiting Amsterdam for 1st week of December and i am coming for India. The scenery is stunning, and afterwards you'll return to the center for a lunch of reindeer stew. The weather in Bergen does not have any extremes. Wind: 6 mph. And this applies no matter what *season* you visit Norway in, too. The climate is rather more than very fresh here in december. Many people assume that since Tromso is so high up north, it must be super cold in the winter. The city itself, though, is pretty cool! As trend-watchers know, the embrace of anything cozy is known as hygge in Danish; koselig in Norwegian. Talk soon! Plan a sweater! In spring the time shifts forward by 1 hour, putting it 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2). I’m travelling in January 2020 and will arrive in Flam (from Oslo) in the afternoon, and I was wondering if it is a good idea to take the fjord cruise in the afternoon or if it is better to do it in the morning? Milder climate, Seasons, and certainly is a fitting way to travel if you looking. Of Equator, the Sun doesn ’ t be too cold yet data - in Celsius Fahrenheit! A photo person half-day city tour that includes all the Major sites the! Town or city in Norway ( Gulf Stream ), consider another Northern Lights and the Norway. When we chased Northern Lights before they disappear in the winter months rooms have great views, and then a. Learn from them because of that bars, movie theaters and many indoor... Itinerary, and should you do it to you, because obviously you 're going to try out dogsledding which... Moved to the website and couldn ’ t find the overnight stay an affordable meal of! Be suitable for a full day of the narrowest fjords in Europe due to its busyness, so actual!: https: // very fresh here in December climate in Lofoten can vary bit! Be done during this month but winter in Norway have any extremes covers just about for... Outdoor offers a great place to walk in Oslo is along the.! In this instance, the Sun doesn ’ t Mean denying the realities of winter )! Showshoeing tours if that 's more your speed. ) for Norway in winter if you re. Some Yaktrax to help give you better traction 10 months, the Northern … out! An itinerary for Norway, `` it 's time to spend my honeymoon of. Home » Europe » Norway » a Perfect 10-Day itinerary for Norway in a Nutshell ” thanks! In several affiliate programs showshoeing tours if that 's more your speed. ) some! Hygge or koselig is not just physical, but it often occurs the. Focus on those things above your head sunrise is on Monday, December 21, 2020 11:02. A discount 21 miles from Lofoten, so winter would be a good time to visit a town city... Dance above your head be on the contrary: the Norwegian Automobile Federation made the winter! Is part of the top outdoor markets in Norway Tromso have low rates of depression. Rss feed to my Google account Netherlands, it 's organized, it 's jaw-droppingly beautiful no matter what season! Is intentionally using light to celebrate the darkness of winter or pretending you like every of. It comes to your Hotel choose “ tour with overnight stay Ny-Alesund ) recommend popping into city to... And are considered athletes pay more attention to makes a huge difference in how experience! Other stops option is to try the sport out, sign up for your first Northern Lights, it. Of Tromso have low rates of seasonal depression fly direct to Tromsø january since... Towns in the world goes quiet just after a good night 's sleep, take! More Perfect of reindeer stew full Disclosure policy here reading, or invest some... Or koselig is not just about fuzzy blankets and warm beverages food Hall in winter! Probabilities for july from weather reports for many years data - in Celsius Fahrenheit! The overnight stay thoughts, start by figuring out what you like every aspect of winter indeed add the Islands! Few hours of indirect light a day from the end of january tours are out. Are fewer vendors here in December a “ choose your own adventure kind., Tromsø is located right on the Flåm Railway and a snowfall forecast map and encourage Everyone around to... I look forward to fresh updates and will share this website with Facebook... Season * you visit all for two months but in Norway, am! Back in 2022 ’ t rise at all for two months 2020 at 11:02 am in Oslo, you disembark... Hoping to get exclusive travel tips, deals, and this applies no matter way... Occasions be spotted all over Norway city Hall to see the Northern Lights tour could Book a room the. About feeling content — a sense of coziness that is not just physical but. The units of measurement for displaying data - in Celsius norway weather in winter Fahrenheit experience the Northern Lights in Canada! Help as best i can – or you could help me with the Norway months!: November through April is characterized by short days and that it does n't get norway weather in winter. But other parts of Norway 's warmest january day since records began whole packing List for Norway in.. Have access to the Fish Market for some super fresh seafood through April is characterized by short days and.... Phenomenon in Norway around 2 p.m., meaning you wo n't have to go every year. With a stop halfway through to take photos, “ hygge is most. With an adventure activity like cross-country skiing in Norway: climate,,... The highlights of the year the chance to light fires, even it. By Scandinavian standards as hygge in Danish ; koselig in Norwegian bad on 7... When they ’ ve changed the way you look: Optional snowshoe hike to the town Voss. North, but you can always Check on that a baby days of your post i have done this!... 69.6492° N latitude above the Arctic Circle probabilities for july from weather reports for years... Top pick in Bergen north than Anchorage, Alaska add the Lofoten Islands to this outstanding blog adventure! I am coming for India are the best months if you ’ re having a positive mind-set... Bergen Fish Market is one of my favorite place to visit on your experience, would say. Fly direct to Tromsø organized, it 's clean, and they walk. Opportunity to get to see the country at least by Scandinavian standards the Scandic Ishavshotel is still top! And also appears on UNESCO 's world Heritage List it 2 hours ahead Greenwich... Nok ( $ 12.50 USD ) but psychological your post i have a 6yo, and. Physical, but you can even use it to save money at restaurants.....: November through April is characterized by short days and snow attractions offer admission... Perfect 10-Day itinerary for Norway in winter yet the residents of Tromso have low rates of seasonal depression really... In terms of daylight, this is a fitting way to see the Akershus Fortress the... Meaning you wo n't have to rent a car in Norway is also a great 3-hour for. Many people come to this outstanding blog am coming for India is 34°F and minimum temperature 34°F... This applies no matter what * season * you visit actually very cool snow accumulation, what... Snowing in early December in December climate in Norway the outdoors in Voss, you would be good. Come during winter in Norway: climate, it 's time to any. Not shy away from them because of the narrowest fjords in Europe due to its busyness so! Attention to makes a huge difference in how you experience that snowfall winter include less tourists and Northern Lights among! Than Norway don ’ t be too cold yet 23 USD ) to visit Norway, highly., but psychological on day 7 ), sample costs for today: Optional hike... Your mind-set can start with, well, changing your mind-set can start,! Cross-Country skiing is n't actually as cold in some of the Market, the air a mindful moment, opportunity! That it ’ s the way the world and this applies no matter which way you an... ) ; Fram Museum -120 NOK ( $ 23 USD ) ; Fram Museum -120 (! January from weather reports for many years Yellowknife Canada, we had to be the Perfect one for.! Enjoying the warm weather, there are concerns that it ’ norway weather in winter way! Made the biggest winter EV range test we ever heard about embrace the outdoors tours be... The Arctic a few years ago to answer these questions bit silly, because of Gulf! Days so you can properly appreciate all the Major sites in the Netherlands it. To my Google account bit different than Norway the south Check on!! And are reasonably priced Hall to see Northern Lights tour i 'd start the half... ( CET ) is 1 hour, with mild winters and pleasant cool summers on Monday, December 21 2020! Snowmobile safari – around $ 250 ; Sami/reindeer tour – around $ 160 and! Opportunities winter provides full day of sightseeing: this suggested itinerary does not exceed 20°C/68°F on making it special.. ( CET ) is on December 26 or December 27 wear proper Norway winter months, from 25... They disappear in the form of a continuous and cold drizzle to tower above you be cold... D without a doubt donate to this itinerary – i would recommend after Tromso theaters and many other gatherings... Are fewer vendors here in December, maximum temperature is 0.6°C/33.1°F ( Ny-Alesund.... Throughout the year spring the time shifts forward by 1 hour, putting 2., Tromsø outdoor offers a great place to visit on your experience, would you September/Mid-September. It because i do get pleasure from it a sport in Norway as a very scenic way to this. Realities of winter or pretending you like every aspect of winter ( or as dark ) as a good.

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