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Yorkies become quite attached to their people, but don’t tell them they’re too small to be a guard dog. The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular family dogs in the United States. Santana and three other family members were trapped underneath. However, at the end of the day, the loyalty of your dog will depend on how you raise him. To see what cookies we serve and set your own preferences, please review our Cookie Policy. German shepherds are famous for their intelligence and dedication to their handlers, and they are easily among the most loyal breeds in the world. Luckily, Todd recovered after saving his owner’s life. The Shetland Sheepdog (“Sheltie”), also makes the list, as a pint-sized version of the Collie. Hachi continued to go to the train station every morning and afternoon for the rest of his life (9 years) waiting for his human who would never come home again. To this day, a statue of Waghya stands guard over Shivaji’s memorial. There are numerous stories about Dachshunds saving their families from house fires, and even bear attacks. What is not a loyal dog is one that freaks out any time it is left alone. Barry was a famous Swiss St Bernard who rescued somewhere between 45-100 people in the Alps from 1800-1812. When the bodies were reburied at a nearby cemetery, Leão came too. She's owned by two rescue Chihuahua mixes. Check out the list below to see if your best friend is one of the most loyal dog breeds in the world. Overall, they’re one of the most loyal dog breed, have a high sensitivity level, can tolerate cold weather and are quite affectionate with family. They always come back to you! Cavalier King Charles Spaniel The Cavalier is a gentle soul ​who wants to share their love with everyone around them. They are wary of strangers, who would be fools to tussle with that loyal, lovable mug. But not these breeds. No other breed is as likely to alert the masses when Little Timmy falls down a well. The dog who played Lassie, named Pal, was paid twice as much as his female costar – a teenage Elizabeth Taylor. German Shepherd. A close cousin of the Rough Collie, Shelties are just as loyal but in a smaller package. They can be gentle with children but aggressive with anybody who threatens their people. However, some dog breeds are naturally more loyal than others. Thanks to Zero’s efforts, no human was shot above the waist before the shooter fled. The dog had no way of knowing that Dolan was convalescing on a bed inside. One of the oldest sled dog Arctic breeds, the Alaskan Malamute has great strength and fine character. This dignified breed is brave but loving and protective. You won’t regret it. They’ll ignore temptations from others in favor of going with their family. #1 – St Bernard You might associate the Saint Bernard dog with rabid Cujo or rowdy Beethoven. Border Collie Buddy saved his owner’s life by barking to wake him up when the man’s electric blanket caught fire. When Tokyo-based university professor Hidesaburō Ueno adopted Hachikō, a Japanese Akita, he couldn’t have known his loyal companion’s devotion would transcend his guardian’s death. They’re also basically your very own Luck Dragon—perfect for the name Falkor, perhaps? That’s why you should reward them every time they do something you like. The Bulldog has a reputation for being stubborn, but owners will soon find they’re just stubbornly in love with you. While they are easy to train, they do need plenty of exercise. Bad breeding can lead to health or temperament problems. In 2018, a Dachshund museum opened in Passau, Germany. The Mastiff breed are typically quiet dogs but they will let you know if someone approaches the door. Dog Life, Dog Breeds & Personality. Bobbie ran from his aggressors and hid so well that, when it was time to leave, he was nowhere to be found. You might associate the Saint Bernard dog with rabid Cujo or rowdy Beethoven. Thanks to Cooper, the family made it out of the home before it also caught fire. Border Collies are the smartest dog breed and are naturals at obeying every command. Virtually any dog can demonstrate profound loyalty, but many of the most loyal include the following 10 breeds: German Shepherd. Because of their size, obedience training is crucial. More independent and less clingy than some breeds, the Great Pyrenees would do anything for its family or flock. However, those instincts to help people are still there, and they’ll do nearly anything for their family. Labs love children. The Collie is one of the most devoted breeds. Lassie is one of the most famous dogs in the world. Source. In recent years, they have become increasingly popular as family dogs. That’s why we have come up with a list of the most loyal dog breeds. They’re retrievers, after all. Regarded as one of the most popular dog breeds all around the world, German Shepherds are extremely loyal and intelligent. While some dogs may need more encouragement than others, any dog breed can be loyal. What are the most loyal dog breeds? According to legend, they’re the breed that guides you into heaven. She eventually had to be carried away. A dog is man’s best friend, but which breeds are the most loyal? This breed is loyal to all members of the family, and will basically be the best friend of any child. A couple was woken up by their Brittany, Cooper, after their two cars caught on fire. A supreme livestock guardian, they will protect their charges (whether it’s sheep or kids) at all costs. Lassie was a Collie for a reason! 2- Boxer The stereotypical guard dog, Rottweilers can make a loyal addition to any family. Some dogs don’t much seem to know, or care, who feeds them and walks them, falling in love with every stranger they meet. Bernese Mountain Dogs are loyal and dependable companions. Take them with you to dog-friendly places when you can and give them plenty of time and attention. Guardian breeds tend to be loyal, fearless, strong and watchful. They’re always up for any adventure with their human. Lynn M. Hayner | Jul 21st 2017 A bowl of kibble plopped on the floor doesn’t have the same effect. Wary of strangers, the Akita loves its people and will protect them if necessary. When most people think of a loyal dog, a German Shepherd is probably the most popular breed to come to mind. While they thrive herding sheep, they are also excellent at dog sports like agility and flyball. Just so you know, this post may contain affiliate links. In addition to having a long pedigree as gifted protectors, German Shepherds are also perfect as family pets. These dogs are some of the most intelligent, loyal and friendly dogs you will ever meet. In 2018, Golden Retriever Todd tackled a rattlesnake that his owner had nearly stepped on. With the characteristics of alertness and intelligence, they play a significant role in the army. Giving them plenty of exercise when you’re home is good for your dog both physically and emotionally. Many refer to them as spaniels, but they’re actually closer in personality and breeding to a pointer or setter. We found ten with powerful loyalty stories, so consider these breeds if loyalty is the most important trait for your family. Any dog can be taught to be loyal, but maybe you don’t want to work as hard to earn loyalty. While they’ll have fun with everybody else, they’ll happily go home with their person. Chihuahuas are with you ’til the end. The Labrador Retriever has been the most popular dog in the United States for nearly three decades, for good reason. Dogs respond better to kindness than punishment. There is a reason why Golden Retrievers are listed among America's most popular dog breeds. It’s no surprise this breed is considered one of the most loyal dogs out there. Eager to please, the Golden Retriever will do anything for its family. They can be reserved with strangers, but love their people. This fun-loving breed is “an enthusiastic worker” who’d love to do whatever job you give them. Like many herding dogs, the Great Pyrenees is a loyal guardian with a protective instinct. They enjoy helping others but love coming home with their mom. This highly energetic dog breed loves a good run around the dog park. Then hit the road happy—your dog is in good hands. Hide and seek was a favorite game the two played. Sign up and get $25 off pet sitting and dog walking! On most occasions, a dog’s reactions will match the treatment it gets. Loyalty and care for … Apart from being bred to work closely with people, loyal dog breeds tend to have other traits in common, like: Now that we’ve talked a bit about loyalty, let’s talk about our picks for 15 of the most loyal dog breeds that make great family dogs. Chihuahuas become very attached to their one person, causing many Chihuahua owners to cry, “he’s different when it’s just us!”. Now owned by the daughter of her previous owner, Deta refused to leave the grave. While they may not make the best guard dogs, they more than makeup for that with their loving nature. Devastated, the family was forced to leave their beloved dog behind and eventually returned home to Silverton, Oregon. It’s no surprise that Golden Retrievers are one of the most loyal breeds. To ensure you get a healthy, loyal Saint Bernard, do thorough research to find a reputable breeder. They have a tendency to become overprotective of their family and territory, strong guidance and training is a … And Great Pyrenees, sheltie, and akita. This working dog is famously devoted to its family. They get very attached to their owners and quickly become skeptical of strangers. A Great Pyrenees named Zero gave his life to protect his family when a gunman opened fire at them. Pack animals by nature, these loyal dogs love to be an integral part of family life, whether that involves playtime outside or … When the neighbor brought the dogs back and discovered their owner unconscious, she called 911. They know who cleans their wrinkles. Just Watch These Border Collie Puppies Meet Sheep for the First Time, 9 Surprisingly Dangerous Foods for Dogs (Starting with Popcorn), The 14 Best Dog Breeds for Kids Beyond Labs and Goldens, German Museum Devoted to Wiener Dogs is a Hot Dog Destination, This Dog Just Broke The Guinness World Record For “Most Tennis Balls Held In The Mouth”. Again, all dogs are loyal when they live with loving families and are properly trained. 5-year-old Alice alerts when her 13-year-old boy is about to have a seizure so he can lay down before falling. The Beagle is one of the most loyal dog breeds, if not the most loyal one, since it made the top of the list. Sadly, Hachi’s owner passed away one day at work. There are other terrific breeds such as the Rottweiler, Beagle, and Dachshund. Shikoku are the working dog breeds as they work for many guardian centers. 10 Best Extra-Large Dog Breeds: Huge Dogs Who Love Their Humans, 17 Big White Fluffy Dogs You Can’t Help But Love, 13 Big Dogs That Don’t Shed: Large Non-Shedding Dog Breeds, What Fruits Can Dogs Eat? Your dog probably spends a lot of time sleeping while you’re at work. These sensitive souls may have focus issues, but they want to make their people happy. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Fat Heath, a Yorkie, stayed with his 3-year-old human all night when she got lost in a cornfield. 15 of the Most Loyal Dog Breeds Now that we’ve talked a bit about loyalty, let’s talk about our picks for 15 of the most loyal dog breeds that make great family dogs. Unlike some of the more profoundly loyal dog breeds, “they socialize well with neighbor dogs and humans alike.” They are so loyal, in fact, that they are often train for important jobs, such as, military positions, police force work on the K-9 unit, bomb and drug sniffing, seeing eye dogs, and therapy dogs. The Rough Collie has been making fans since the first Lassie movie in 1943. The Ten Most Loyal Breeds. They might befriend any person they meet, but at the end of the day, they’ll only follow their own person home. (And Which to Avoid), Can All Dogs Swim? For the next ten years, Hachikō returned to the train station every day in search of his beloved friend. In India, there was once a dog so loyal that, 300 years after his death, his legend lives on. Most Loyal Dog Breeds. When the king lost his life dysentery in 1680, Waghya refused to say goodbye. German Shepherd. 2. If you’re directly responsible for every bite of food your dog gets, they may have a better appreciation for you. Yes, Labradors, Goldens, and Beagles are all loyal dogs. Boxers are very alert, and active, which makes them an excellent watchdog breed. Bred to spend all day alongside a human hunting companion, Brittanies are extremely loyal to their favorite person or people. 2. Let this dog play on your team. Boxer Athens was so devastated when his dad was deployed to Iraq for 6 months that he would run around the house looking for him. We salute them all! They’re also basically your very own Luck Dragon—perfect for the name Falkor, perhaps? He followed his owner to the train station every morning and waited every afternoon for him to come home. Beagles have also enjoyed a fair amount of attention in films, so their reputation for being loyal has already spread. As a result, German Shepherds are one of the most loyal breeds you can find. Though they be small, these little sausage dogs are very protective of their pack. These are just five breeds that have a reputation of being the most loyal dog breeds. Find and book local pet care with the nation’s largest network of pet sitters (many of whom offer dog boarding ) and dog walkers. On top of having incredibly cute looks, Beagles are also one of the most loyal breeds of dogs you can find. German Shepherds – Not only are German Shepherds highly intelligent dogs, but they have a powerful sense of loyalty as well. They definitely need plenty of early socialisation. In the 17th century, Waghya, which means tiger in India’s Marathi language, was the loyalist of companions to his guardian, the warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji. If a Rough Collie like Lassie is too big, a Shetland Sheepdog might be the loyal companion you’re looking for. However, their enthusiasm can overwhelm a small child. They’re easy to train and love doing anything with their owners. A German Shepherd named Alice is 2019’s Service Dog of the Year. These days, a St Bernard is more likely to be a large lapdog than a rescue dog. Like many herding dogs, the Great Pyrenees is a loyal guardian with a protective instinct. Golden Retriever. German Shepherds were originally bred to herd sheep before becoming specialized police and military dogs. On a road trip in 1923, three local dogs attacked the Brazier family’s Scottish Collie, Bobbie the Wonder Dog. 8. Dogs are (hu)man’s best friend, but friendship takes many forms. The Labrador Retriever earns its place as one of the most popular dog breeds out there, much in part to its affectionate and outgoing personality. Most Loyal ​Small Dogs 1. They figured out how to open the unlocked front door, then ran to a neighbor’s house for help. They make excellent service dogs, therapy dogs, and guide dogs for the blind. Bobbie the Wonder Dog’s journey made him famous and  at his death in 1927, Hollywood canine star Rin Tin Tin was on hand to lay a wreath at the grave of Oregon’s most devoted dog. The Dachshund has loyal followers of its own. Though somewhat independent, these dogs are trusting and friendly. Golden Retrievers make great therapy dogs, service dogs, and guide dogs due to their calm nature, intelligence, and loyalty. The Collie is a herding breed that was developed in Scotland. This giant lap dog will love every member of your family yet will scare off intruders if necessary. The Most Loyal Dog Breeds Today and Throughout History. “Labs are companionable housemates who bond with the whole family,” says DiNardo. It contains more than 4,500 Dachshund-themed items. Lab people know that these sociable, hardworking water dogs love their people to the point of wanting to lick their feet at all times. Todd saved his owner but was bitten in the face by the snake. Being so friendly […] Much like the Gentle Giant, Great Pyrenees dogs are heaping masses of love and affection. Disney’s Live-Action Lady and the Tramp is Here! Most web sites choose to pick “the most loyal” based on “the most popular” list of dog breeds. Both the Great Pyrenees and Kuvasz are great family breeds, as they are very patient. A bored German Shepherd can cause trouble. Maybe if I searched a little wider, I’d find the actual answer, so I asked for the top 10 most loyal dog breeds. He responded to the bark of a search and rescue dog the next day, and searchers quickly found the girl. The more time your dog gets to spend with you, the more time they will want to spend with you. It’s important to note that they need a fair amount of exercise to stay so calm. As pack creatures, Beagles are all about companionship – and they’re just as happy to attach to a human pack as to a pack of their own. YES. Bred to hunt badgers in Germany, they retain their persistent, curious hunting nature, along with plenty of smarts. They are loyal, loving, quirky, and exceptionally intelligent as well as playful and patient- the ideal family dog. Here we take a look at the seven most loyal dog breeds, as determined in a report by Woman's Day. And they live for so long it seems they’re determined to see their job through. While some dog breeds are naturally more loyal than others, any dog can be encouraged to be loyal. Shelties Brumby and Sonnet work as therapy dogs. They are so loyal, in fact, that they are often train for important jobs, such as, military positions, police force work on the K-9 unit, bomb and drug sniffing, seeing eye dogs, and therapy dogs. One eternally loyal breed that might prove fierce competition to the Doberman in the world’s best guard dog category is the German shepherd. German Shepherds are specially bred to be working dogs, and are known to be an extremely loyal dog breed. How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person? This list would not be complete without this quintessential family dog. With stories like these, the world’s most devoted dogs won’t soon be forgotten. One of the most famous loyal dogs of all time, Hachiko (also known as Hachi), was an Akita in Japan. And it was the rough collie. Merriam-Webster defines loyalty as “unswerving allegiance.” When it comes to dogs, that means that while they may love all people, their family comes first. A tiny tuxedo made Jack the perfect best man. She will also stand between him and other people if she thinks he’s being threatened. Though they can be headstrong and stubborn, they adore their families and make better pets than their reputation might suggest. Collies are very high-energy, devoted to their families, … They bring joy to residents of a nursing home and help kids learn how to read. His body rests in the Natural History Museum in Berne, Switzerland along with a monument to his legacy. They are very smart and gentle, so they are always there for their humans when they need it most. Rottweiler Jack is so loyal that his dad made him the best man at his wedding. They’re friendly but independent. A lot of this has to do with what the dogs were bred to do. The Yorkshire Terrier is a big dog in a small body and will defend their person from any perceived threat. These Big Dog Owners Accepted the Challenge. These large, dignified dogs of Japanese origin are alert and courageous, but also affectionate and patient with children (though aloof with strangers). Kuvaszok are intensely hard workers, which includes their duties to protect. Being protective of their family is in the nature of the breed. If we learned anything from Beethoven (and Beethoven’s 2nd – 5th), it’s that St. Bernards are loving, loyal, family dogs. Even though Boxers are called the clowns of the dog world, they would do anything to protect their family. Humans are better scratchers after all, right? Little-known fact: The first Akita to arrive in the United States was a gift from the Japanese government to Helen Keller in 1937.; First on the list of the most loyal dog breeds is the Akita. The breed is actually known for its ability … Even the most stubborn dog will be loyal to the person who feeds them by hand. Both jobs required German Shepherds to listen closely to their owner or handler. The Staffordshire Terrier aims to please, at any cost. 30 Best and Worst Swimming Dogs. When most people think of a loyal dog, a German Shepherd is probably the most popular breed to come to mind. Like the Yorkie, Chihuahuas tend to bond closely to one or two people and may dislike strangers. When his dad finally came home, Athens was so overjoyed that he stuck to him like glue for an hour. When you picture loyal dogs, it’s hard not to think of Lassie, the Collie who kept little Timmy safe. One night, he slipped out the back door of his New York home and walked for two miles across a stream and highway to a nearby hospital he’d never before visited. Zander’s guardian John Dolan had been away from home for two weeks when the Husky mix decided to take matters into his own paws. Make sure your Lab gets plenty of exercise. RELATED: 10 Most Affectionate Large Dog Breeds. If you don’t hunt, they’ll be happy to accompany you on any adventure. They make excellent agility dogs since they are so attuned to their owners. There is now a statue of Hachi outside the train station to honor him and his loyalty. Three cheers for dogs with jobs. Chihuahuas are one of the most loyal dog breeds, and will usually pick their “favorite” owner and do anything they can to … Some dogs have a natural instinct to protect their home and family and they make excellent Guard Dogs. Most of us have to work, but when you get home, try to spend some quality time with your dog. Two months after the passing of her 86-year-old owner, Chihuahua mix Deta was brought to the grave. Bred to hunt badgers, Dachshunds have a tenacious spirit that they will use to protect their family. Carla Sparks is a professional writer and editor who specializes in humor, cultural criticism, finding amazing things for you to buy, and all things dog-related. Here’s what the experts say. They’ll do anything they can to make their owner happy. Our website uses cookies. Despite being shot multiple times, Zero kept lunging at the gunman. Here we’ve not only selected 16 of the most loyal dog breeds*, we’ve gathered the stories of some of history’s most devoted dogs, from Hachikō who kept vigil over Tokyo’s Shibuya train station every day for ten years in search of his deceased guardian to Waghya, who leapt onto his guardian’s funeral pyre to die by his side.

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