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The City Wild is here to give you the best of indoor gardening tips, plant care guides, and indoor decor inspiration! Calathea lancifolia. I find marantas to move much more than Calatheas and it always makes me jump. Calathea Roseopicta, or “Calathea Medallion” or “rose painted calathea”. Calathea houseplants are known for their large colorful leaves with intricate patterns. Calathea Roseopicta (Dottie) is a beautiful house plant grown best in warm to tropical temps. How to Care for a Calathea The names of calathea species such as the Zebra plant (Calathea zebrina), Rattlesnake plant, Pinstripe plant, and Medallion plant, come from the beautiful designs on their leaves. Best Calathea Types to Grow 1. COVID-19 NOTE. All Rights Reserved. How to Cite, (Pynaert & Van Geert) L.H.Bailey & Raffill, The Plant List — A working list for all plant species. Calathea zebrina does share a common name with it, but doesn’t have the yellow flowers of the Aphelandra variety. Indoor Plant PotsPotted PlantsGarden PlantsExotic PlantsTropical PlantsFlower SeedsFlower PotsCalathea RoseopictaCat Safe Plants. This variety has 8-12 inch wide, leathery leaves with creamy and light-green stripes. These plants are used mainly for their vibrant colorful leaves which include yellow, rose, white, and even olive. The Plant List includes 407 scientific plant names of species rank for the genus Calathea. Instead, the plant is characterised by its glossy green leaves which are striped like candy. It has been selectively bred into many different leaf patterns all known under different names (such as Calathea ‘Medallion’, ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Dottie’), which means there are plenty of varieties … As you probably assume, it’s the specific coloration or the structure of the patterns which determines this unique and memorable nickname. We do not intend The Plant List to be complete for names of infraspecific rank. As with all houseplants, inspect a prayer plant for pests and bugs including aphids, spider mites, and mealybugs. Of these 277 are accepted species names. There are anywhere from 40-50 species or types of prayer plant. As one of the hardier versions of Calathea, which in turn makes it one of the easiest prayer plant varieties to care for, the Calathea Ornata is recognised by its dark glossy green leaves which have pink stripes that look as though they’ve been painted on by an artist. The Medallion variety had light and dark green patterns on the tops of the leaves and a deep purple underside. Terms and Conditions — About Maranta Varieties. Calathea Orbifolia. 4" Calathea Orbifolia It’s easy to tell the two apart, as calathea zebrina has much wider and distinctive stripes on a lighter background. Please understand, we do not have the control of this situation, but we are 100% sure that your parcel will be delivered safely, it may just take longer than expected, it will depend on the schedule of the shipping company. The genus Calathea is in the family Marantaceae in the major group Angiosperms (Flowering plants). A fully grown plant can reach around 12 inches in height. Calatheas are crazy pretty, safe for cats and safe for dogs and purify the air. Featured Best selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, old to new Date, new to old. If you’re looking for a Calathea to make a bold statement, then Calathea orbifolia … 3 Calathea varieties Starter Plants: #1)--Calathea Medallion Prayer Plant (Botanical name: Calathea Roseopicta Medallion). With its long green leaves and maroon undersides, the Calathea Rufibarba has one of the most unusual leaf shapes of all Calathea plants. Calathea roseopicta, also known as the rose painted Calathea, is a stunning large-leaved prayer plant. 3. The velvety green leaves of the Calathea Warscewiczii, sometimes referred to as Calathea Jungle Velvet, are characterised by their darker green banding throughout the leaves and deep maroon undersides, though are more velvet feel to the touch. It produces green, red, purple,… Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the shipping time may take longer than expected. CALATHEA LANCIFOLIA - RATTLESNAKE CALATHEA ROSEOPICTA - MEDALLION Watch its leaves open and close at dawn and dusk. Hello! One of the increasingly popular types of Calathea (often with a price tag to … ), Calathea Orbifolia Care Guide: Propagation & Watering Tips, Sansevieria Masoniana (Whale Fin Snake Plant) Care Guide. The genus calathea includes some of the most beautiful tropical plants in the world, characterized by boldly marked, oblong leaves in a dazzling array of colors. Cheat Sheet. Best selling Sort by. © 2019- 2020 Sophie Nadeau. I loved this plant and would like to find it again if possible. I used to have a stunning calathea roseopicta, otherwise known as a calathea medallion or rose painted calathea, sitting on my desk. … Any help would be appreciated. These are primarily included because names of species rank are synonyms of accepted infraspecific names. This one of the few Calathea varieties that easily flowers indoors, and the white flowers bloom in clusters. The Plant List includes a further 17 scientific plant names of infraspecific rank for the genus Calathea. It was so beautiful, it used to have this habit of now and again of maybe the stem would move or turn snd the leaf would shiver? The foliage is dark green to black depending on light with a bright pink mid-vein and pink outer markings. See "Status", "Confidence level", "Source" for definitions. October 6, ... #calathea #goeppertia #indoorplants #wishlistplants #highmaintainenceplants #plantgoals #plantsiown ... product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. Rattlesnake Plant. I had been given the plant from a friend who has since passed and didnt know what it was called. Please let me know if this helps! Not to be confused with the rather similar looking Calathea lancifolia, the Calathea Rufibarba is also often referred to as the ‘velvet calathea’ or ‘furry feather Calathea’ on account of its fluffy feather-shaped leaves. Plus, its a Calathea. Calatheas come in few different varieties, all equally gorgeous but if we had to pick favorites, these would be the ones: CALATHEA ORNATA - PINSTRIPE CALATHEA MAKOYANA - PEACOCK. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Learn about the EXOTIC Calathea Plant AKA or Calathea Insignis, the rattlesnake flower very deserving to be on the List Of Exotic Flowers! Calathea oranata is a popular species of calathea that is readily available in many local nurseries. Thanks to this unique appearance, the Calathea Ornata is also sometimes referred to as the pinstripe leaf Calathea. The leaves are dark green above, purple below, with silver-colored veins and midriff. Due to the plant's eye-catching stripes and veining, they're often known by nicknames such as the zebra plant, peacock plant, or rattlesnake plant. Of all the Calathea types, one of the easiest to look after is that of Calathea Freddie. Calathea picturata is a evergreen perennial that forms 14 to 16 inch clumps of dramatically colored leaves and is typically grown as a houseplant. 18 varieties of Calatheas I own | Plant Haul | Indoor gardening #Calatheas #Goeppertias. When it comes to some of the best plants for foliage lovers, prayer plants are some of the most popular types of greenery for adding some stunning leaves into your indoor space. The Calathea genus includes some dazzling species of houseplants that stand out thanks to their bold leaf markings that have earned these plants some alternative names like zebra plant, rattlesnake plant, or peacock plant. You should refer instead to the current version of The Plant List. Calathea Roseopicta (Dottie) makes a perfect plant for small to medium containers. When we moved into a motorhome l gave it to a friend to look after but it perished. Its natural home is tropical forests of South America- to be precise, Brazil. Rattlesnake Plant. (Variegated scam? Botanical Name: Codiaeum Varigatum ‘Zanzibar’ Zanzibar can grow up to 3-4 feet tall. Calathea Orbifolia. Much like many other Calathea plants, the underside of the leaves are maroon, whereas the tops of the leaves are dark green. There are several different versions of the Calathea Roseopicta (the medallion type as shown below being one of the more popular Calatheas to be grown as a houseplant). If you’re looking for an ornamental plant that will add to … Calathea Plant – Care, Growing, Watering, Requirements, Propagation read more » ‘Prayer plant’ is a colloquial term that refers to members of genus Maranta, to which genus Calathea is closely-related. Calathea roseo-picta 'Dottie'. Many varieties of Calathea feature leaves with a burgundy color on the underside and vibrantly patterned tops. From striped leaves to velvet-feel plants, here are several beautiful Calathea varieties you’ll just love! Easier to look after and less prone to browning leaf tips than prayer plants like the Calathea Orbifolia, the Roseopicta has maroon undersides to the leaves and is known for its rich patternation on the leaf tops. Above: A calathea is a good choice for a spot with low light. They feature beautiful and brightly colored leaves. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Calathea is a tropical plant also known as the Zebra Plant or Zebrina Plant (Calathea zebrina) . I’ll just remind you once more that these aren’t a beginner plant – just remember that your love for them will trump this challenge. Rattlesnake plant bears long, narrow mid-green leaves edged and spotted in dark green. Calathea is a genus of neotropical rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plants; members of which are referred to generally as Calatheas. Looking pretty similar to the Calathea Flamestar in its appearance, the Calathea Makoyana is commonly nicknamed ‘peacock plant’ or ‘cathedral windows’ as a result of its cream green foliage which is peppered with elongated green ovals and dark green lines. Calathea roseo-picta grows elliptical leaves, in a dark green upper surfaceand purple underside, red midrib, and a red zone fading to pink near the margin. Sort by. Characterised by its fully bright green leaves (unlike many other prayer plant varieties), this plant has no deep maroon undersides to its leaves, the long leaves have dark green markings (not dissimilar to a leopard). 4" Calathea Lancifolia - Rattlesnake Plant $15.00$12.50. The City Wild participates in various affiliate marketing programs. See more in Best Houseplants: 9 Indoor Plants for Low Light. Bonjour, ciao, and welcome to my little corner of the internet! It used to freak my husband out ss there were no insects that we saw to trigger that movement. Photograph by Mimi Giboin. It had long slender erect stems and the leaf was a slender paddle shape. One of the more unique looking of the Calathea plants is characterised by its long leaves marked by spots, which lends itself to the name ‘rattlesnake plant’. The foliage is pretty thin, and unlike lots of other Calathea varieties, the undersides of the leaves are not a block of maroon, but rather mirror the pattern on the top of the leaf on its undersides. Furry Feather… Calathea Roseopicta (Linden) Regel. The status of the 407 species names for the genus Calathea recorded in The Plant List, are as follows: The status of the 424 names (including infraspecific names) for the genus Calathea recorded in The Plant List, are as follows: The confidence with which the status of the 407 species names recorded in The Plant List for the genus Calathea, are assigned as follows: The source of the species name record found in The Plant List for the genus Calathea, are as follows: © The Plant List 2010 — The Plant List includes 407 scientific plant names of species rank for the genus Calathea. It truly is one of the most striking varieties of calathea, in my opinion. 1315 S.R. 64 West ~ Avon Park, FL ~ 33825 Toll Free: 888-912-0020 Ph: (863)-453-0014 Fax: (863) 453-0015 Most Maranta varieties have underground rhizomes or tubers with corresponding sets of leaves. Learn how to care for most varieties of Calathea! Calathea’s fancy foliage truly makes it a work of art. The undersides of the leaves are a … One of the increasingly popular types of Calathea (often with a price tag to match), the Calathea Orbifolia is unlike many other prayer plants in that it doesn’t have a maroon undersides to the leaves. Dark green Calathea louisae leaves are broadly ovate, with light green splotches along the midrib and have a purple underside. It prefers... 2. BOTANICAL CLASSIFICATION. Fairly easy to care for when it comes to types of Calathea, it’s worth noting that this particular type of Calathea is prone to the tips of the leaves browning. It sounds like you may well be describing the maranta leuconeura as this is very similar to the Calathea and is even also called a ‘prayer plant’. Calathea ornata. Other calathea varieties and species worth considering include: Filter Filter. It has many interesting names like Peacock Plant, Zebra Plant, Rattlesnake Plant, Prayer Plant, herringbone plant etc but commonly still called as Calathea. ⚠ Version 1 of The Plant List has been superseded. Another calathea with feathery leaves, this one shows off long, narrow dark green foliage striped in hot pink. This adorable plant is known by many different names, such as rose-painted Calathea, Corona, Dottie, Medallion, Rosey, Sanderiana. Please note that the two toned plant is now classed as Goeppertia warszewiczii for taxinomic reasons, though it is still often sold as a Calathea plant, hence its name on the list. Hi there, l am looking for s plant which has similar in look to a Calathea. Cultivars include: Calathea 'Beauty Star' Calathea roseopicta 'Corona' Calathea roseopicta 'Dottie' Calathea 'Eclipse' Calathea 'Freddie' Calathea roseopicta 'Medallion' Calathea 'Misto' Both Calathea and Maranta are members of the Marantaceae family. The City Wild is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Ive been searching it for a number of years. 4" Calathea Vittata $12.50$10.00. CALATHEA ORBIFOLIA - BOLIVIAN PRAYER PLANT. Cathelea makes an excellent table top plant due to its slow growing nature and max height of around thirty inches. Rattlesnake calathea features long and narrow, light-green leaves with edges in dark green marks. Staying just under 1 foot tall and 1 to 2 feet wide. Thanks for your message. Pinstripe. Of the many varieties of Maranta, only two prayer plant varieties make up the bulk of nursery stock used as houseplants or for other ornamental uses. Goeppertia (Calathea) Warszewiczii Care Guide: Tips & Tricks, Calathea Ornata (Pinstripe Calathea) Care Guide & Tips, Calathea Magicstar or Calathea Triostar? VARIETAL DENOMINATION ‘Princess Jessie’ BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION. Round-Leaf Calathea. Many people get Calathea and Marantas confused. Calathea ornata Calathea Orbifolia (by The Gardening Queen) Calathea Makoyana Maranta Calathea Roseopicta Calathea Care.

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