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We must strive for the greatest authenticity possible. required where overseas officials are not able to determine on sight the authenticity of United Kingdom documents. High quality example sentences with “to create authenticity” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English His defence of the authenticity of the Epistles of Ignatius is one of the most important contributions to that very difficult controversy. The answer then to the questions of why and how authenticity, the main theme of this paper, fits in with all of these developments is that authenticity aims at decreasing the gap between the world of the school and the world of work. Know what the genuine article comes with: case, cleaning cloth, warranty card, certificate of authenticity. If no one questions the fact that the desk was made in the 14th century because experts determined it was, that is an example of its authenticity. It is no longer necessary for serious criticism to refute the objections to its authenticity raised during the 19th century in certain quarters;12 as Macaulay said of the authenticity of Caesar's commentaries, "to doubt on that subject is the mere rage of scepticism.". Look for original pictures of the jewelry item and ask questions to the seller about the item to ensure its authenticity. This is because the MAME emulation team is not willing to sacrifice authenticity in the name of faster run times. For Seth, being authentic is doing what you promise, not "being who you are." Before using any online application, it is important to feel completely happy about the security and authenticity of a website. En savoir plus. 1 The comte de Riant impugned the authenticity of Alexius' letter to the count of Flanders. The exhibition of the Holy Coat at Trier had attracted enormous numbers of pilgrims, and so, indignant at what appeared to him an imposture, he assisted to publish an investigation into the authenticity of the celebrated relic. There is no shame for a best man to say he loves and supports the couple, and his toast will be welcomed and appreciated by the couple, bridal party, and guests alike for its authenticity and sincerity. We must, however, handle these with some caution, since some of the poems (" Idylls ") commonly attributed to him have little claim to authenticity. cit.) Haut-eau (Les St Victor (1st ed., Paris, 1859; 2nd ed., Paris, 1886) contests the authenticity of several, which he ascribes with some show of probability to Hugh of Fouilloi, Robert Paululus or others. There is extant a Journal of Louise of Savoy, the authenticity of which seems certain. It was for a long time usual to doubt the authenticity of the speeches post reditum and pro Marcello.I Recent scholars consider them genuine. As their rhythmical structure corresponds more or less exactly with the canon of authenticity formed by Zielinski from the other speeches, the question may now be considered closed. sincerity. The jeweler should be able to provide you with a certificate of authenticity of the gemstone, preferably from the GIA, Gemological Institute of America or the AGS American Gem Society. Always ask for a certificate of authenticity for the gold jewelry that you purchase and separate certificates specifying the quality of any gemstones that are a part of your gold jewelry collection. Buy your products at the local studio to insure freshness and authenticity. The authenticity of these chapters has been undeservedly attacked by Catholic writers. . Authenticity is about presence, living in the moment with conviction and confidence and staying true to yourself. Most retailers in Shinzen will supply you with fake certification papers, which add another dimension of authenticity to your timepiece. Holograms or holographic foils are standard means of overt consumer assurance of authenticity. Star Tiger claims to have tested this information for authenticity over 400,000 times. Sinclair, A Dissertation on the Authenticity of the Poems of Ossian (1806); Transactions of the Ossianic Society (Dublin, 1854-1861); Cours de litterature celtique, by Arbois de Jubainville, editor of the Revue celtique (1883, &c.); A. Discontinued purses may also be offered on clearance websites, but before shopping online it is important to verify the authenticity of each item. It was determined that the gold was authentic and therefore worth a lot of money. Meaning of authenticity. Bloomberg reserves the right to deny creation of your account based on Bloomberg 's inability to verify the authenticity of your registration information. Is a certificate of authenticity or an appraisal available? Verragio advises customers to only purchase Verragio rings from local authorized retailers to guarantee authenticity. soccer hooligan many years ago, I can testify to its authenticity. We went to an authentic Mexican restaurant for my birthday where they served cuisine like you would find in Mexico. If you're trying to save money, you can probably skip the traditional undergarments and simplify some of the details if you're not in need of absolute authenticity. Hanging decorator pots and kettles in front of the fire adds a look of authenticity. But the authenticity of the passages describing the altar of incense in the tabernacle, and the historicity of the corresponding altar in Solomon's temple, are matters of keen dispute among critics. It was a milestone of moral authenticity in my life. Devotion An intense energy, commitment and seriousness around pursuits. Once you have a copy of the deed to the property you wish to purchase, take it to the notary public to guarantee its authenticity and assure that it is not communal agricultural property (which can only be used, not owned). Some doubt has been cast upon the authenticity of the work, especially by T. There has been much controversy both as to the authenticity of some of the sermons in this edition and as to the text in general. Having been a soccer hooligan many years ago, I can testify to its authenticity. Attacks on their authenticity have been conclusively repelled. At first received with enthusiasm, their authenticity soon came to be impugned; and their true significance was largely lost sight of as it began to be realized that they were not what they claimed to be. He published Aristoteles fiber die Farben (1849), Aristoteles' acht Blcher der Physik (1857), and numerous minor articles on smaller points, such as the authenticity of the thirty-eight books of the Problems. Authenticity is when your words and behavior match. It is mentioned in King Edred's will, a document of doubtful authenticity, dated c. 955. Is any light thrown by it … A long treatise on geometry, attributed to Gerbert, is of somewhat doubtful authenticity. authentication. Although you can try looking for video game sketches on eBay, it can be difficult to ensure its authenticity. These items can lend authenticity to a costume, or simply add to the fantasy aspect of an outfit. The public housing agency will then verify the collected information for authenticity and accuracy to determine if you qualify for Section 8 Housing assistance and calculate the amount of your rental voucher. Skeptical Internet users will always doubt the authenticity of Matt's travels, but they are very much real and well sponsored by a gum company. Examples of authenticity in a sentence: 1. 3. They bear in themselves irrefutable proofs of their authenticity, bringing us face to face not with the Zoroaster of the legends but with a real person, announcing a new doctrine and way of salvation, no supernatural Being assured of victory, but a mere man, struggling with human conflicts of every sort, in the midst of a society of fellow-believers yet in its earliest infancy. Any or all of these things can help establish authenticity. Amongst this community of writers and readers, our Feng Shui editors are behind the scenes checking the site for accuracy and authenticity. Sentence with the word authenticity. Ideally, however, governments should certify the authenticity of the CAs public key. RELATED ( 9 ) truth. Be sure to buy from a trusted jeweler and verify the authenticity of the stone before purchasing. If possible, always try to visit the jeweler in question before purchasing a ring, if only to verify their craftsmanship and authenticity. With close inspection, these details can immediately tell the truth about a bag's authenticity. noun. CK 2207447 This restaurant serves authentic French cuisine. Ask questions: If the site has customer service available, don't hesitate to use it, particularly if you are searching for a specific model or want to inquire about the site's authenticity. The very language of the original is proof for its authenticity. But as early as the 7th century there is proof of a relaxation of this rule which had so well safeguarded the authenticity of the relics. Here are number of sentence examples for AUTHENTICITY, quoted from best-selling authors and written by best-selling authors. It is indeed supported by several critics who reject the latter, just as it is occasionally rejected by advocates of their authenticity. A diamond expert can help verify the authenticity of an antique Asscher diamond. 2. From this time he began to take an active part in contemporary politics and in controversy as a strong though moderate Liberal. But there's authenticity and then there's insanity. But Jefferson was charged with plagiarism by those who believed in the authenticity of the " Declaration," and in 1833 there was discovered a proclamation of Governor Martin, dated the 8th of August 1775, in which he mentioned a publication in the Cape Fear Mercury of a series of resolves by a committee of Mecklenburg county which declared " the entire dissolution of the laws, government and constitution of the country.". No objection has been made against the genuineness of the statements in the Adversus haereses, but the authenticity of the two letters has been stoutly contested in recent times by van Manen. For the discussion on the authenticity of these entertaining, though not very trustworthy, memoirs, see G. Karl von Gebler, who, in an able and exhaustive but somewhat prejudiced work, Galileo Galilei and die romische Curie (Stuttgart, 1876), sought to impeach the authenticity of a document of prime importance in the trial of 1633. If you consistently play the "numbers game" eventually someone will say yes to that first date, especially if you are coming from a place of personal authenticity. There have been concerns about security and the authenticity of such documents. Role playing costumes are a great way to add an element of authenticity to your wildest fantasies and imagination. From this data, a certificate of authenticity is created and provided to each purchaser along with their diamond. Genuine Dior bags have coded certificates of authenticity, which the seller should be able to provide upon request. Owing to the ferocity and brutality of the attacks upon Justinian, the authenticity of the Anecdota has often been called in question, but the claims of Procopius to the authorship are now generally recognized. phoniness. veracity. legitimacy. (1) Some journalists have cast doubt on the, (8) A handwriting expert witnessed to the, (11) Archaeological evidence may help to establish the, (13) Furthermore, sports collectibles require certificates of, (14) Art experts have questioned the painting's, (18) His dialogue has a slightly exaggerated, (19) The poems are supposed to be by Sappho(Sentencedict), but they are actually of doubtful, (20) The museum is seeking an expert opinion on the, (21) There are factors, however, that have cast doubt on the statue's, (22) When assessing elders affirmatively, the practitioner may well detect in some very old people a remarkable degree of, (23) Avoid detached signatures, unless they are of extreme rarity and unimpeachable, (24) They're too glad to see me to worry about, (25) How would your life be different if...You approached all relationships with, (26) In these ways, superficiality and surface appearances have replaced, (27) In terms of electronic records, compliance with rule 24 would effectively ensure that the issue of document, (28) The court made this ruling after obtaining the original documentation covering the Murcia results and satisfying itself as to their, (29) The ponchos permit the sculptor an extra piece of, (30) Some qualifications apply which do not necessarily deprive the image of historical, (2) The museum is seeking an expert opinion on the. But these circumstances, while inconsistent with verbal accuracy, do not destroy authenticity; and in most of the speeches (e.g. 4. Get papers of authenticity when purchasing a designer watch. Even authenticity cards can be counterfeit. 254636 I doubt the authenticity of the document. Within these two basic categories, there are several different types of replica rings couples can choose from depending on their budget, style preferences, and desire for authenticity. Many tourists cannot tell the difference between authentic Indian craftwork and imported imitations. authenticity définition, signification, ce qu'est authenticity: 1. the quality of being real or true: 2. the quality of being real or true: 3. the quality of…. To be authentic, the good are well rewarded; work to be practical, walking only solid! In this fashion, it would encourage authenticity. Questions about example sentences with, and the definition and usage of "Authenticity" Meanings of words and phrases; Example sentences; Translations The objections were that the evidence was not probative, failed to meet the authenticity burden and was unfairly prejudicial to the defense. The doctor illuminatus was venerated throughout Catalonia and afterwards throughout Spain, as a saint, a thinker and a poet; but his doctrines were disapproved by the powerful Dominican order, and in 1376 they were formally condemned in a papal bull issued at the instance of the inquisitor, Nicolas Emeric. "The term authenticity has gradually been modified over the years as people have realized that, ultimately, you can't reproduce anything from the past," Prof. Potter says. Contestants on the show wear bandanas, so giving each team a different colored bandana will add a touch of authenticity while also providing an easy party favor. Recently, Seth Godin wrote about the importance of authenticity in business. Most "real" Hollywood-related items come with a certificate of authenticity, and a true celebrity auction will have a corporate sponsor. GRAMMAR . Authenticity is closely related to integrity. How do you use authenticity in a sentence? They do not represent the opinions of truthfulness. If considering a purchase of a real championship ring, be sure to get a certificate of authenticity from the seller. 2. Patriotic colors of red, white and blue inspired by the American flag will lend authenticity to your kitchen design. It was a real boon, too, that the film was made on location in Uganda, which gives it an added authenticity. This baseball game is not for the faint of heart, however, given its elevated level of authenticity and realism. It has been claimed that the words of our Lord in Luke 21: are of doubtful authenticity. If you want to be 100 percent sure regarding the authenticity of your handbag, purchase your Gucci goods from Gucci retailers or fine department stores that are authorized to sell Gucci products. holographic foils are standard means of overt consumer assurance of authenticity. around them, and one of the later scions of the school, named Iwasa Matahei, had even made a speciality of this class of motive; but so little is known of Matahei and his work that even his period is a matter of dispute, and the few pictures attributed to his pencil are open to question on grounds of authenticity. UV Stickers: Amazingly enough, even the humble peel-off sticker can be a clue to the authenticity of the product. The authenticity of this document is, however, very doubtful. I hereby certify the authenticity of this copy. vouch for the authenticity of the website you visit. If you decide to get an authentic rug, and especially if it is an antique, be sure to get a certificate of authenticity or other paperwork that ensures that the rug you are buying is what the seller says it is. 70, 1888), the authenticity of which it is hard to prove or to refute. The only viable option I see to maintain authenticity is to get an older, more muscular actor who looks sort of like Taylor to play Jacob in New Moon. Always insist on a warranty for the bracelet you buy along with a certificate of authenticity for the diamonds used in the bracelet preferably from theGemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society. Of the authenticity of the work as a whole there has never been any doubt. If a dealer crows that the authenticity card is part of the package, you know you're not getting the real thing, as Chanel does not use an authenticity card. This men's watch proves its skin with Certificate of Authenticity. Crucially, their potlatches are not attempts to regain a lost emotional authenticity. They attribute it either to Cebes of Cyzicus (above) or to an anonymous author, of the ist century A.D., who assumed the character of Cebes of Thebes. It is easy to identify an authentic Royal Asscher diamond ring thanks to their authenticity technology. Since braids were a common adornment for most medieval hairstyles, be sure to incorporate a few into your hair design for authenticity. The Hamadan you purchase should have a certificate of authenticity to verify where it originated, the materials used, and the approximate age of the rug. Top executives such as Virgin Group Ltd. Chairman Richard Branson and Google Inc. Chairman Eric Schmidt are tweeting in a way that increases the perception of authenticity for their companies. The attempts which have been made to deny the authenticity of those parts of the books of Ezra and Nehemiah which contain an account of these two men, taken from their own memoirs, or to place them in the reign of Artaxerxes II., are not convincing (cf. Many of the sentences have audio, too. I can give you a letter of authenticity if you like. certify the authenticity of the CAs public key. People sometimes get very preoccupied with worrying about the authenticity of sources. Each band is handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland and is hallmarked for authenticity. authenticity of the text is being judged. The complete philological examination of any work consisted, according to them, of the following processes: - BcopOwacs, arrangement of the text; dvayvwacs, settlement of accents; TExvr l, theory of forms, syntax; i rtyrtocs, explanation either of words or things; and finally,?puts, judgment on the author and his work, including all questions as to authenticity and integrity. The former are (I) the Dohabali, consisting of 573 miscellaneous doha and soratha verses; of this there is a duplicate in the Reim-satsai, an arrangement of seven centuries of verses, the great majority of which occur also in the Dohabali and in other works of Tulsi; (2) the Kabitta Ramayan or Kabittabali, which is a history of Rama in the kabitta, ghanakshari, chhappai and sawaiya metres; like the Ram-charitmanas, it is divided into seven kands or cantos, and is devoted to setting forth the majestic side of Rama's character; (3) the GitRamayan, or Gitabali, also in seven kands, aiming at the illustration of the tender aspect of the Lord's life; the metres are adapted for singing; (4) the Krishnawali or Krishna gitabali, a collection of 61 songs in honour of Krishna, in the Kanauji dialect: the authenticity of this is doubtful; and (5) the Binay Pattrika, or "Book of petitions," a series of hymns and prayers of which the first 43 are addressed to the lower gods, forming Rama's court and attendants, and the remainder, Nos. 3. When Maildulf died, Aldhelm was appointed in 675, according to a charter of doubtful authenticity cited by William of Malmesbury, by Leutherius, bishop of Dorchester from 671 to 676, to succeed to the direction of the monastery, of which he became the first abbot. Welcome! The fake paintings are so well done that even the experts were unsure of their authenticity. Of the commentaries we have - (1) one on the Isagoge of Porphyry (Venice, 1500 fol. This would have added authenticity to his alleged semi-divine status among various pagan sects clinging to the divinity of the Winged Planet. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. LaVey's involvement gives the witchcraft elements the official seal of approval, as it were, guaranteeing their verisimilitude if not absolute authenticity. Bismarck at first, in a letter addressed to the new emperor, denied the authenticity of the extracts on the ground that they were unworthy of the crown prince. If it hasn't, he should issue you a certificate of authenticity. They were partly (2-4) translated into Latin by Felicianus in 1541, and have frequently been republished, but their authenticity has been disputed. In the controversy on the authenticity of the Holy Shroud (sudario) at Turin, he worked in the true scientific spirit by tracing back the history of that piece of stuff, which was undoubtedly used as a shroud, but which was not produced before the 14th century and is probably no older (See Le Saint Suaire de Lirey-ChamberyTurin et les defenseurs de son authenticite). It includes a display case and a Certificate of Authenticity from Creative Sports. While great bargains can be found, it is always necessary to thoroughly investigate the authenticity of these rings and the reputations of the sellers to ensure a high quality piece. Since each Royal Asscher ring comes with the unique identification number and logo inscribed on the ring, a jeweler can verify a ring's authenticity for you. The popularity of blogs lies in the authenticity and honesty of the authors, sharing aspects of their lives with whomever would like to read about it.

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